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IE3 Electric Motor

IE3 Electric Motor
Premium Efficiency – IE3 will become mandatory in Europe
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IE3 electric motor

Premium Efficiency – IE3 will become mandatory in Europe

Standard IEC 60034-30-1 defines the energy efficiency classes for asynchronous motors. Regulations (EC) 640/2009 and 04/2014 establish the conditions for the conversion to the new energy-efficient technology. IE2 has been in place as the minimum efficiency since 2011. The second stage will now take effect as of January 1, 2015. Only motors in the power range from 7.5 to 375 kW complying with Energy Efficiency Class IE3 will be permitted for line operation in the European Economic Area from that date. This is a legal requirement. January 1, 2017, saw the expansion of statutory provisions on motor efficiency. Since this date, the energy efficiency class IE3 has been mandated for motors with power ratings from 0.75 to 7.5 kW, with laws now covering all motors ranging from 0.75 to 375 kW.

Less power consumption brings costs down

Change-over to energy-efficient motors pays off because they reduce energy consumption substantially and thus cut operating costs. Whatever requirement you need to meet, we have the right energy-efficient motor for you as part of our portfolio.

The main objective of the IE3 Standard, which will apply throughout the EU since 2015, is to achieve a lasting reduction in energy consumption of electric motors that are operated direct on line and ultimately to make a contribution to the demanding European climate targets in this way. For the developers at Siemens, however, that was not enough: they provided the motors with some additional virtues in the process, alongside the energy efficiency that you can take for granted.






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