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Motor For Pump

Motor For Pump
AC Hydraulic Motor Pumps The AC Hydraulic motor pumps are made up of an AC Motor driving a Hydraulic gear pump assembly.
Product Details:

AC Motors are either 240V 1 phase or 415V 3 phase. As standard the motors are IP55 and aluminium body up to 15kW and cast iron to 55kW. An aluminium bell-housing encloses an elastic coupling ensuring a mechanical drive with low noise transmission.

Options available are Forced Ventilation, Tropicalisation, Anti-condensation heaters various EX motor protection

Pump sizes range from 1.6cc to 91cc/rev with tandem sections and relief valves an options.

If you are replacing a properly-sized motor in an existing application, you can find all the required information on the motor nameplate of the existing motor.  See this White Paper to learn how to determine whether to rewind or replace a motor and how to find the right motor size for your application.

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