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MS 100L1-4 2,2kW 230/400V 50Hz B3

MS 100L1-4 2,2kW 230/400V 50Hz B3
CE proved aluminum shell copper winding resistance electric motor MS series aluminum shell motors have lots of features such as high efficiency and energy saving, large starting torque, excellent performance, low noise and vibration, compact structure, high reliability, easy operation and etc....
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MS 100L1-4 2,2kW 230/400V 50Hz B3 Suppliers in China - Factory Price - Hengsu Holdings

IE3 / Iso F-B / IP55 / PTC150℃ / Shaft 28j6 / 215x180x250 / Ral 7024 (Top Grey) 

1) MS series motors are totally enclosed fan cooling three phase squirrel cage induction motor. It adopts the latest design and high quality material, and conforms to the IEC standard.

2) MS series motor has lots of advantages including high efficiency, energy saving, high starting torque, low noise, little vibration, light weight, reliable and convenient operation and easy maintenance, etc.

3) The motor is with removable feet which are made of aluminum alloy die casting. Users could mounting variously according to their needs.

4) This series motors are fit for the common sites and concise machines that has no special requirements including air compressor, pump, fan, medical apparatus and instruments, small machines, etc.

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Hengsu Holdings is one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers professional in manufacturing MS 100L1-4 2,2kW 230/400V 50Hz B3. As one of the famous electric motor brands, we will offer you reasonable price. Welcome to buy our quality electric motor made in China and check the price list with our factory.
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