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  • High Pressure Vortex Air Blower
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    High Pressure Vortex Air Blower

    high pressure vortex air blower Application of vortex air blower: •Blowing and Suction •Pneumatic conveying system •Spa Facilities •Vacuum lifting and clamping system •Plating Equipment •Packaging and printing equipment •Filling Equipment •Bag/bottle/hopper filling system •Water/Sewage Treatment...
  • Blast Gas Pump
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    Blast Gas Pump

    The instruction for air blowers: We’ve been focused on this kind of blowers for more than 15 years. We only produce side channel blowers, it's also called ring blower, regenerative blower, air blower, vacuum pump etc.. We also supply belt drive blowers and all the parts for this kind of...
  • Turbine Air Blower
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    Turbine Air Blower

    Air blower The advantages of XGB blowers: 1. 100% oil free, Insulation class is F, Protection class is IP55. 2. Dual frequency 50HZ and 60HZ are available 3. Made of die cast aluminum ADC12. 4. Dual usage: compressor and vacuum (suction and blow). 5. Virtually maintenance free, with sealed long...
  • Vacuum Vortex Blower
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    Vacuum Vortex Blower

    vortex blower Product Description Vortex blowers with their high inlet volume flow up to 2500m³/h and a differ entail pressure up to 780mbar, they are reliable, low-maintenance and durable and are the first choice for many applications. When used with a frequency converter together, the...
  • Vortex Ring Blower
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    Vortex Ring Blower

    Ring blower Product Description We are the manufacturer for side channel blowers (also called air pump, regenerative blower, ring blower), located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China. Our company specialized in producing the high pressure and efficiency side channel blowers. The air flow capabilities of...
  • Vortex Gas Pump
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    Vortex Gas Pump

    Vortex gas pump The ring blower (channel blower, gas pump, air blower) made by aluminum alloy, that make it small body and small weight. The products are widely used for clothes, printing, paper making, aquiculture, liquid waste disposing, adding oxygen, photoengraving, industry absorbing,...
  • Vortex Air Blower
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    Vortex Air Blower

    Vortex air blower consists of a dynamically balanced impeller which revolves around a stator-cum-compression chamber having very fine clearances between them. The impellers are fitted directly on the motor shaft. For the purpose of reducing impedance to the air flow, both the suction and...