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A brief introduction of electromagnetic brake motor
Jan 14, 2017

Dc electromagnetic brake motor disc brake installed in motor shaft and the end cover. When plugged into a power supply brake motor, brake also work at the same time. Due to electromagnetic suction function, the electromagnet attracts armature and compression spring, brake disc in the armature end cover off, motor start running. When cut off power supply, lose magnetic brake electromagnet suction, spring driven armature pressure brake disc, under the influence of friction torque, motor immediately stop running; Our factory also produces the corresponding YDEJ two-speed motor (multi-speed, distal ratio). Brake power from the motor terminal box rectifier supply, 3 kw and the following is AC220V - DC99V, 4 mw and above AC380V - DC170V (special can also be designed in accordance with the requirements for the manufacturer if (DC24V).