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Electric motor life
Oct 31, 2018

The life of the motor and the deterioration of the insulation is caused by the wear of the sliding part, the deterioration of the bearing, etc.

It is related to various factors such as dysfunction, and most of it depends on the condition of the bearing. The life of the bearing is as follows, there are two kinds of mechanical life and lubricating oil life. Bearing life

1. Lubricating oil life of lubricating oil due to heat deterioration

2. Mechanical life caused by running fatigue

In most cases, the effect of heat on the life of the lubricant is greater than the effect of the weight of the load on the bearing on the mechanical life. Therefore, the life of the motor is estimated based on the life of the lubricating oil. The most important factor affecting the life of the lubricating oil is the temperature, which greatly affects the life time.

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