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induction ac motor
Dec 26, 2018

The Induction Motor is perhaps the most common type of electric motor in the world. It does not have a commutator or brushes. In general the less moving parts and more simple any device is, the better the longevity. This type of motor is powerful and efficient. It is used in newer diesel trains, industrial applications, pumps, compressors, fans, dishwashers, and countless other things.

1.) How it works:

The Induction motor has two sets of windings (copper or aluminum wire coiled to form electromagnets). When the windings in the stator are energized it induces current in the windings in the rotor (this invisible force is call induction, learn about the concept of induction here).

Advantages of Induction Motors: 
Capable of high speed without brushes to be worn out, runs off of AC grid power. They are very efficient.
Traditionally induction motors only run well at a given stable speed and torque, however if used with a VFD - variable-frequency drive their uses can be increased.

2.) Inventors of the Induction Motor:

It took over 60 years to arrive at the invention of the induction motor, here are some of the most prominent contributors to the invention.