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Principle of wind turbines
Jan 14, 2017

The energy of the wind is converted into mechanical energy, mechanical energy into electricity power equipment. Broadly, it is a kind of the sun as the heat source, to take advantage of air as the working medium of heat engine. Wind power generation using natural energy. Relative diesel generator. But if emergency use for it, or as diesel generators. Wind power is as a standby power supply, but it can use for a long time.

The principle of wind power generation is using wind power to drive the windmill blades rotating, again through the growth machine will increase the speed of rotation, to make generator to produce electricity. On the basis of the current wind turbine technology, is about three meters per second wind speed (the extent to which the breeze), can then begin to produce electricity.

Wind power is become a boom in the world, because there is no fuel, wind power, also won't produce radiation or air pollution.