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Routine maintenance of the motor
Oct 30, 2018

Routine maintenance is very important to reduce and avoid the failure of the motor during operation. 

The most important part is the patrol inspection and eliminate the root cause of any abnormal phenomenon. 

After the accident, seriously analyze the accident and take countermeasures to reduce the number of accidents and repair.

It is an indispensable technical work to improve the efficiency of motor operation when stopping the machine. 

The daily maintenance of the motor is very important for its normal operation, but motors in operation often encounter many unexpected situations, such as short circuit, overload, and equalization. 

In order to make the motor in these conditions not to be damaged, some operational protection measures must be taken keep the motor clean. 

Do not allow water, oil, dust, etc. inside the motor, and regularly remove dust inside and outside the motor.

Note that the load current should not exceed the rated value.

Pay attention to check the bearing heat, oil leakage, etc., especially to refuel according to regulations.

The temperature rise of the motor cannot exceed the rated value.

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