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About The Invention Of The Motor
Jan 14, 2017

Motor USES electricity the principle of the role of the conductor in magnetic field force (this is different from current magnetic effect, the current physical clear grade nine o 'clock to separate the two), found that this principle is the Danish physicist - oster, was born on August 14, 1777, LanGeLang island LuDeQiao bing a pharmacist's family. Was admitted to the university of Copenhagen in 1794, doctorate in 1799. In 1801 ~ 1803 visit to Germany, France and other countries, made a number of physicists and chemists. Since 1806 as a physics professor at the university of Copenhagen in 1815 of the Danish royal society executive secretary. Due to the current magnetic this outstanding found in 1820 with the royal society copley medal.

Since 1829, Copenhagen, dean of the college of engineering. On March 9, 1851, died in Copenhagen. He had too much of physics, chemistry and philosophy research. Due to the philosophy of Kant and schelling, the influence of natural philosophy believes that the forces of nature can be mutual transformation, long-term exploration of the relationship between electricity and magnetism. In April 1820, finally found the current role of needle, namely current magnetic effect. In the same year on July 21 to the experiment on the power of the needle on conflict topic published his findings. This short paper to make Europe has had the enormous vibration physics, led to the emergence of a large number of experimental results, which has opened up a new field of physics ─ ─ electromagnetism.

In 1812, he first puts forward the idea of light contact between electromagnetic. In 1822 he experimental research was conducted on the compressibility of liquid and gas. Extracting aluminum in 1825, but not high purity. In the study of acoustic, he tried to find sound phenomenon caused by electricity. His last work is diamagnetic. He is an enthusiastic teacher attaches great importance to the scientific research and experiment, he said: "I don't like that no experiment of boring lectures, all scientific research starts from the experiment". Therefore welcomed by students.He is excellent presentation and science popularization workers, Danish association for the advancement of science, the initiative was established in 1824 created the first physics laboratory in Denmark. 1908 Danish association for the advancement of science to establish "oersted medal", to make a significant contribution to the physicist. In 1934, named after "oster" unit of magnetic field intensity in the CGS system. The American association of physics teachers in 1937 to set up "oersted medal", rewards to make a contribution in physics teaching of physics teachers.

Faraday in 1821 completed the first major electrical inventions. In this two years ago, oster has found that if the circuit is energized, it near the needle of the compass deviation occurs. Faraday get inspired, think if magnets, coil can exercise. According to this idea, he successfully developed a simple device. Within the device, so long as has the current through the lines, lines will be around a magnet kept turning.In fact Faraday invention is the first electric motor, is the first to use the current movement of the object. Although plant crude, but it is all ancestors of motor used in the world today. This is a major breakthrough. Only initially its actual use are very limited, because at that time besides with humble batteries have no other ways to produce electricity.

His invention in 1873, the Belgian personality high power motor, motor to large-scale industrial production.