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China South-car Explosion Proof Motor
Sep 08, 2017

China south locomotive motor company "YSP42315-6 oil motor", "1140 v mining flame-proof type and the Ann frequency control of motor speed machine", "TQ - 600 permanent magnet synchronous ELECTRIC MOTOR" as three core technology of petroleum, permanent magnet, explosion-proof representative products, attended to be held in Beijing "the 15th China international petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment exhibition" (Cippe2015).


In this exhibition, many domestic and international famous enterprises in the petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment, gas equipment, Marine oil and gas equipment, pipeline and storage and transportation technology and equipment, explosion-proof electrical equipment, and maritime technology and equipment and so on seven big section shows the latest products and technologies, has attracted more than 65 countries and regions, nearly 1800 companies, professional audience of up to 65000 people. CSR electric company products in the process of the exhibition won the United States, Russia and many domestic customers, including several enterprises at home and abroad for details about our products and consulting, and proposes the relevant technical requirements, expressed strong interest and cooperation intentions. Fully proved that my company will oil electric motors, permanent magnet electric motor, explosion-proof technology promotion and the fusion, in the traditional oil drill motors and other drilling equipment in the field of broad development space.


The Cippe as the international exhibition union UFI certification of the world's highest level, the exhibition has become the world's largest oil and the world petroleum equipment assembly. In a new round of science and technology and industrial revolution is throwing up a major manufacturing pattern change, oil equipment manufacturing industry is to speed up the pace of innovation drive, CSR motor company will seize opportunities, make full use of existing technology, comply with the company of "internationalization, specialization, collectivization development pattern, actively explore a new field of technology, the south car motor company's oil industry bigger and stronger.