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Kinetic Energy And Electric Energy Exchange Is Filling In Blank Of Electric Vehicle Technologies In China
Aug 22, 2017

Recently, SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office) issues a patent certificate to Shanxi Automobile Association. Because Shanxi Automobile Association invented the Kinetic energy and electric energy recovery system and it was a quantum jump in the field of electric automobile.

This patent technology is successful researched by Mr. Zhou Lansheng who is the Industry association executive member of the council of  Shanxi vehicle maintenance and detection. Mr.Zhou successfully solved the electric vehicle for endurance mileage is short, the charging time long restricted the development of electric vehicle bottleneck, and has the advantages of saving energy and environmental protection. And the main technique is to install two storage batteries on one electrical vehicle, using electric vehicle from the kinetic energy into electricity,it will be a timely portable generator power filling the batteries, when bear drive electric vehicle battery power consumed, power supply switch automatic selection spare battery for electric vehicle drive timely, and at the same time, then electric vehicle from the residual power filling the consumed spare battery to cycle application.