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The Characteristics Of Explosion-proof Motor
Jan 14, 2017

(1) power level, installation size and speed of corresponding relation and DIN42673 consistent, at the same time considering the inheritance and YB series and the interchangeability of Y2 series, make the necessary adjustments, more effective and applicable.

(2) the whole series with F class insulation, temperature rise according to the assessment of class B.

(3) the noise limit is lower than YB series, close to YB series of grade I noise, vibration limit and YB series.

(4) improve the IP55 protection grade.

(5) the whole series of choose low noise deep groove ball bearings, stand center high note oil discharge device is installed at more than 180 mm motor.

(6) motor heat sink has two parallel horizontal distribution and the radiation distribution, give priority to with parallel horizontal distribution.

(7) the main performance index reached the international advanced level in the early 1990 s.