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The Classification Of Explosion-proof Motor
Jan 14, 2017

1. According to the principle of motor

Can be divided into the explosion protection asynchronous motor, synchronous motors and dc motors explosion-proof, etc.

2. Press the use place

Can be divided into the coal mine use explosion-proof motor and factory use explosion-proof motor.

3. According to the explosion protection principle points

Can be divided into the flameproof motor type, increased safety, positive pressure, no spark and dust explosion-proof electrical motor, etc.

4. According to the matching of the host

Can be divided into the coal mine conveyor with explosion-proof motor, coal mine hoist with explosion-proof motor, rock loader use explosion-proof motor, coal mine local fan used explosion-proof motor, valve with explosion-proof motor, fan with loud explosion-proof motor, Marine explosion-proof motor, lifting metallurgical explosion-proof type and hydrogenation device matching with increased safety brushless excitation synchronous motor, etc. In addition, can also according to the rated voltage, efficiency and other technical indicators, such as high voltage explosion-proof motor, high efficiency, high slip explosion-proof explosion-proof electric motor and high starting torque explosion-proof motor, etc.