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The Cooling System Of Motor
Jan 14, 2017

1) cooling: motor in the energy conversion, there is always a small part of the loss into heat, it must be through the motor shell and the surrounding medium heat out ceaselessly, this process of send out quantity of heat, we are called to cool.

2) the cooling medium, heat transfer of gas or liquid medium.

3) : primary cooling medium temperature is lower than the portion of the motor parts of gas or liquid medium, it contact with the part of the motor, and gives off heat away.

: 4) secondary cooling medium temperature is lower than the primary cooling medium of gas or liquid medium, through the outer surface of the motor or the cooler will be released by the primary coolant heat away.

5) final cooling medium: heat transfer at the end of the cooling medium.

6) around the cooling medium: motor surrounding gas or liquid medium.

7) far a away from the motor of the media, through the inlet and outlet pipe or channel heat and drain suction motor cooling medium to the distance.

8) cooler: make a cooling medium heat transfer to another kind of cooling medium, and keep the two separate device cooling medium.