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The Purpose Of The Motor
Jan 14, 2017

Is the most widely used in all kinds of motor ac asynchronous motor (also known as induction motor). Is it convenient to use, reliable operation, low cost, firm structure, but power factor is low, speed is also more difficult. The large capacity of low speed synchronous motor is commonly used engine (see synchronous motor). Synchronous motor power factor is high, and its speed has nothing to do with the size of the load, only depends on the power grid frequency. Work more stable. In wide scope use dc motor speed control occasions. But it has a commutator, the structure is complex, expensive, maintenance difficulties, not suitable for bad environment. Since the 1970 s, with the development of power electronic technology, ac motor speed control technology is mature, equipment increasingly lower prices, already applied.

Motor work in the prescribed format (continuous duty system, short-time duty system, intermittent cycle) can assume and will not cause the maximum output mechanical power of the motor overheating is called its rated power, should pay attention to when using the provisions of the nameplate. Must be noticed when the motor running to make it match the load characteristics and the characteristics of the motor, avoid coasters or shut down. Electric function provides a large range of power, class from milliwatts to kilowatts. The use of the motor and control is very convenient and has since starting, acceleration, braking, reverse and stopper. General motor drive its output power will change with the rotational speed.