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The Start Of The Motor
Jan 14, 2017

Include: motor startup mode, auto voltage reducing total pressure direct start starting, y - delta starting, soft starter, inverter.

Total pressure directly starting:

At both capacity and load of power grid allows total pressure directly under the condition of starting, can consider to use the direct starting. Advantage is that control is convenient, simple maintenance, and more economic. Mainly used in small power motor starting from saving energy point of view, should not be greater than 11 kw motor by this method.

Auto voltage reducing starting:

Using the autotransformer tapped the reduced pressure, can adapt to the needs of different load starting, and can get a bigger starting torque, is a kind of is often used to starting decompression of the large capacity motor starting. Its the biggest advantage is starting torque is bigger, when the tap at 80%, starting torque can be up to 64% of direct starting. And can adjust the starting torque by tapping. Are still widely used.

Y - delta starting:

For the normal operation of the stator winding for delta connection squirrel-cage asynchronous motor, if at the time of starting the stator windings into star, waiting for start to end to connect into a triangle, can reduce the starting current, to reduce its impact on the grid.

Soft starter:

This is using the phase shift voltage regulating principle of silicon controlled to realize the regulating of the motor starting, it is mainly used for motor starting control, starting effect is good but the cost is higher. By using thyristor, thyristor harmonic interference is larger at work, have a certain influence on power grid. Additional power fluctuations will also affect the thyristor conduction, especially how thyristor devices in the same power network. So the thyristor failure rate is higher, because involving power electronic technology, therefore, taller also to the requirement of maintenance technicians.


Inverter is the highest technical content of modern motor control field, most complete control function, the best control effect of motor control device, it by changing the frequency of the power grid to adjust the rotation speed and torque of the motor. Because of involving power electronic technology, computer technology, so the cost is high, too high to the requirement of maintenance technicians, mainly used in need speed and the field of high speed control requirements.