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NRV Speed Reducer

NRV Speed Reducer
NRV speed reducer Product Description Brand Name: HANZEL Model Number: NRV30~150 Gearing Arrangement: Worm Output Torque: 2.6 ~ 479 N.M Rated Power: 0.06 ~ 4KW Input Speed: 1400 rpm Output Speed: 14 rpm to 186 rpm Color: Silver or blue Material of housing: Aluminium alloy Packing: Wooden...
Product Details:

NRV speed reducer

Product Description

Brand Name: HANZEL             

Model Number: NRV30~150

Gearing Arrangement: Worm           

Output Torque: 2.6 ~ 479 N.M          

Rated Power: 0.06 ~ 4KW

Input Speed: 1400 rpm                

Output Speed: 14 rpm to 186 rpm      

Color: Silver or blue          

Material of housing: Aluminium alloy    

Packing: Wooden box/Paper carton        

Mount Position: Foot Mounted, Flange Mounted          

Extra service: OEM is welcome         

Quality Control System: ISO9001:2008

Size: NRV30. NRV40. NRV50. NRV63. NRV75. NRV90. NRV110. NRV130. NRV150


Our worm gear speed reducer, helical gear speed reducer, worm helical gear speed reducer, speed variator, cycle-drive gearboxes, couplings, door/gate operators and so on are high quality and welcomed by our customers. We supply both standard goods and also can produce as per your drawing. Your detail enquiry will be high appreciated.

Our Worm gearbox reducer has many items for your choosing and we can produce as per your drawing or sample to meet your special request

1. Large output torque

2. Safe, reliable, economical and durable

3. Stable transmission, quiet operation

4. High carrying ability

5. High modularization design, may equip with various outer power input conveniently. Same machine type may equip with various power motor. It is easy to realize the combination and junction between every machine type

6. Transmission ratio: Fine division, wide scope. The combined machine type may form very large transmission ratio, i. E. Output very low rotary speed.

7. Form of installation: The position to be installed is not limited.

8. High strength, compact the box body of high strength cast iron, gear and gear shaft adapts the gas carbonization, quenching and fine grinding process, therefore the bearing capacity of unit volume is high.

9. Long life: Under the condition of correct type chosen(including choosing suitable operation parament ) normal operation and maintenance, the life if main parts speed reducer(except wearing parts)should not be less than 20000 hours. The wearing parts include lubricating oil, oil seal and bearing.

10. Low noise: Because main parts of speed reducer are processed, and tested critically, therefore the noise of speed reducer is low.

11. Parallel axis-bevel wheel speed-down motor.


worm gearbox 6.jpg

worm gearbox 7.jpg

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